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        I recently replaced the thermocouple on my hot water heater. (Kenmore 40 gal – gas) Since replacing it, I have noticed that the pilot flame is now mostly orange as opposed to blue as it was before. I know there is somewhere to adjust the flow of gas to correct this, but I have no idea what I am looking for. Is there usually something on the unit to adjust, or should I adjust the flow with the valve on the inlet line?

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            DON’T FREAKIN’ TOUCH IT!!!!
            I have just returned from a service call where a fellow was “adjusting” his gas appliance because he didn’t think it “sounded right”. The unit was SO sooted up and spilling CO into the dwelling that their family pet may not make it. Thankfully the family has been moved from the critical list and are resting comfortably in the hospital.
            That being said, did you properly clean the pilot orifice and flameholder? Is there any impingement? Can you effectively detect aldehydes? (There should be 0) If they’re above zero, is any spilling?
            These are very simple checks to make but if you are doubtful on ANY of them then call a licensed service person immediately. Btw, manifold gas pressure is simple to check however pilot reg. pressure is not, so adjustments to correct an improperly set pilot reg may take time.

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