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      I desperately need to change several washers in my house. All the taps are “Irwel Fiore”, and they cannot be unscrewed in “normal” fashion. Thre is a tiny hole at the lower part of the spindle top (under it) which seem to fit smaller allen key or something similar. I would be very grateful if anybody can tell me what tool it is that fits this little hole, i.e. what is required to remove the spindle top. Thanks.

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      If it looks like an opening for a small allen wrench try a small allen wrench. That is the tool that is most often used to remove handles that do not have screws holding them.

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      Many thanks for your reply fourth. I have tried the two smalest allen keys (from what i guess is a standard set) – one seems to be too small, one too big. I don’t think it really can be an allen wrench.

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      u mean A plumber
      I’m sorry I bothered with this site – thought anybody “professional” would know something like that – i am not plotting to destroy the plumbing as a trade i just want to change the washer
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      Have you tried both metric and fractional allen wrenches?

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      nip down the local hardware store and you will be able to get a allen key kit with all the used sizes in one small bundle

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