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      We are looking for U.S. and Canadian repipe crews for multi-family project work on polybutylene, copper and galvanized. You must be willing to spend 3-6 months on one project. You’re the boss, we provide a referral service direct to the multi-family project owner for you. Only for qualified and experienced repipe contractors. Must be able to do it all or coordinate those efforst with your team . . . plumbing, drywall and painting.

      E-mail me at or visit our Poly Info Help Site at:

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      Earn $100,000+ a year after cost of materials & wages with a good helper. As a sub doing our water piping, you must be fast, neat & organized – but you don’t have to worry about all the administrative headaches. AND, we pay you in one week. If you have insurance & want to net $2,000+ a week, call John Griffith NOW! 1-800-501-7702
      Open Areas:

      South Carolina
      North Carolina

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      Poly Doctor

      CAUTION: John Griffith is offering $2,000 PLUS and NET a week. Be sure to ask how many of their “subs” earn this.

      If you are interested in repipe work in the US and Canada, please feel free to e-mail me at:

      or visit

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