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        How do I convert from a galvanized steel water tank to a high pressure bladder-type water tank?

        Our well water pressure tank has started to leak so I am ready to replace it. While researching the price of tanks, I have read many comments regarding the difference between my old style galvanized tank vs. the newer bladder style tanks.

        Unless I misunderstand, it seems that I may as well upgrade at this time. It is not clear what differences there are from my existing system so this is where I can use some advice.

        I am not even close to being a plumber and will hire someone to perform the work. I do not want to go into this uneducated however and leave myself open for a ripoff.

        My system has a submersible well pump that feeds the 75psig galvanized tank (~4’H 1.5’D). There is a pressure guage and
        a releif valve. Other than that, I have no real information about the system.

        The real question for me is: can I simply replace the galvanized tank with a new bladder-type OR do other components, such as the pump, have to be replaced?

        Thanks for the help!

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        Avatar photofourth year

          If the existing tank has only one connection to it, then the bladder tank will replace it using the same connection system. If the well water goes into the tank and then exits to the house from a different opening, then the supply from the well will have to be connected to the house piping and the tank connected to that piping.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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