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      Can you “cement/join” pipe and fittings under “wet” conditions? My swimming pool water flow 3-way valves broke, along with some elbows and some 1 1/2″ pipe during the recent freeze. My pool water level is below the skimmer and return lines, so there is no water flow from there, but with my equipment sitting at a lower level than the pool, the pool is going to drain til the water level is equal to the valve level (which is too low for my vinyl pool level to be). I have done everything I can think of to shut off the water flow at the pool drain, but water continues to flow (I’ve got a 5 gallon pail full of cement objects placed over the lid, which has a large flange; the lid flange fits nicely over the drain cover, and appears to seal fairly nicely, but not well enough to even see a slight diminishing of water flow at the broken valve. THEREFORE, unless there is an alternative method, I want to replace the valve, with the replacement pipe and fitting, while this water is draining. Can I do it? Thanks.

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      This may be a long shot for 1 1/2″ pipes, but if you only have a small amount of water (no pressure) while trying to cement the pipes, you may be able to jam slices of loaf bread into the pipes to absorb the water long enough for the glue to dry. Once the bread has been wet for some time, if will flow out of the pipe. Good luck

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      Don’t despair. First of all, no, you cannot make a proper joint in wet conditions. Everything must be clean and dry or that will be the fitting that “blows” late some night.
      Place a smooth rubber mat over the suction intake at the bottom of the pool. place your pail on this if you want to make sure but they usually hold in place with water pressure alone. The bread trick may help, too, but make sure it is all flushed out before pumping it into your filter!
      PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings are recommended to set for 24 hrs or more depending on temperature and humidity.
      Good luck.

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      I’ve tried that Mike, the mat didn’t work. I’m going to try a frisbee next. Thanks.

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      Wet PVC Cement is popular in the irrigation industry. BlueGlue … Several manufacture it. Here’s one …

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      I think trying to glue a fitting that is wet is frustrating and most of the time, a waste of time, I would look for a P.V.C. compression style ball valve, this will solve all your problems wet or dry.. Good Luck

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      Thanks, Mike. I knew there had to be something, this sounds like it.

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