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      Can anyone recommend a source for toilets which are not the l.6 gpf toilets which are sold in the U.S.?

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      Talk to a local plumber–all the better if you know him already, and ask if you can purchase an older used toilet from him the next time he replaces one. I like old Norris , American Standard, or Briggs; but there’s lots of them out there with standard bolt holes, flush and float valve holes..your plumber will know. Any hardware store can provide you with new guts for $25 or so. Don’t be surprized if your water bill goes up though…

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      safe-flow plumbing

      If you want a quality 1.6 gpf toilet do not go to a “Box” hardware store! See a plumbing supplier or your local plumbing contractor. These people know which is best.

      However there is often, in older houses or in houses not plumbed properly, a lack of proper venting. A 1.6 gpf toilet will perform miserably under these conditions. I prefer power assist toilets in this situations, i.e. Gerber Ultra Flush.

      Good luck

Viewing 2 reply threads
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