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      My water heater is leaking and we can’t figure out why. We have had a plumber change the relief valve on the water heater, the pressure regulator valve to the house and the red thermostat gauge on the water heater itself. The last plumber mentioned something about thermal expansion possibly being the cause? Does anyone have any ideas and is this “thermal expansion” probable?

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      Scott Bryan

      Yes, thermal expansion is a real problem these days. We have tried many ways to solve the problem and found only 2 ways to solve this problem. #1 you can use an expansion tank that requires installing the tank into the water line (requires a plumber) #2 installing a pressure relief ballcock. in the toilet. This is very easy to do and will solve the problem most of the time. The ballcock costs about $35.00. If you need more info go to our web site and email me. Good luck


Viewing 1 reply thread
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