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      This board is a joke, why waste your time asking a question, they never receive a reply!

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      I agree I have asked the same question for the past 5 days. One lady asked a question and all I wanted to know if my problem was same or not but no one never answered my question either.

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      Another thing don’t go to the chat room either there is never any one in it to ask any question either.

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      Some questions such as my water heater is leaking, my sink, (tub, toilet, etc.) is backing up, my faucet is dripping, etc. are so elemental, and the answer is so self-evident, that no one may wish to take the time to enter a written response. Other times the solution may require a technician to be at the site to determine which of several possibilities exist for that problem. In that case, a written solution might be the wrong one for the user’s problem. And referring to a previous question by the poster’s name, unless you furnish the link or the question’s title, is too time consuming.

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      I’ll have to agree with hj on this one. There are many questions that may require long and detailed information or instructions that a couple of sentences would not do the question justice. There are others, when a basement is flooding, for example, I’ve been tempted to simply reply with: Quite wasting time! Call a plumber A.S.A.P.!!!

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      While I do agree some questions go unanswered on this board but as others said some of the questions asked require a detailed technical answer others are so vague answers are impossible. Questions about appliances although some have water & drains are not plumbing related (“my door on the dishwasher does not line up”). Personally I only answer the questions I have experience with to do otherwise would be unethical.I try to answer when I can, but like many of the people who reply here I have a full time plumbing job that requires my attention first. Please be patient with your questions and I’m sure somone will try to help.

      Scott Bryan

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      I posted a question recently which seems no more elementary or difficult than the ones I have seen replied to. No one owes me an answer, but I am disappointed that my post went unanswered. If you are reading this and feel sorry fo me then take a few seconds to tell me whether or not I should try Drano on a dishwasher drain clog. Thanx

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      I will try to find your question, but to answer about Drano. A dishwasher drains with a pump to the disposer or sink drain. Drano will not do any good, but if it is the air gap that is overflowing, replace the hose to the disposer, and make it as short and direct as possible. Also make sure that the disposer connection does not have a buildup inside it.

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      Lst reply should have been to Mike. That is what happens when you cannot read the thread once you start to reply.

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      This is to jennifer, I agree with scott bryan that the problem withyour dishwasher will probably not be solved with draino.The problem is in the hose which may be stopped up at the air gap above the sink (pobably food particles or seeds) or there is a kink in the hose. this is provided that the drain pump is working properly

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      I am the idiot who put Drano in his dishwasher…I do not have an air gap, and how did my hose get kniked? It was installed by a professional plumber six months ago. And I do not have a clue where it drains…there is no hose going to the sink drain or disposer.

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      Mike the next time that your dishwasher won’t drain. Put vinegar in it. That is what I have done for years. And it works great. If it is hard water deposit or food partical in your pump it will clean them out but won’t hurt your pump. Not a less the person that installed it didn’t hook it up properly.
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