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      Recently, I moved into a new home that has gas heated forced hot water w/ 3 zones and no vents at any of the radiators to purge air, because I was informed that the system is a closed system w/ a automatic vent near the end of the return. The zones are controlled by electronice valves. One zone adjusts to the temperature of the thermostat while the next zone is avg. 6 degrees cooler and the final zone is 2-4 degrees cooler than the cooler one. Example, all zones are set to 70 degrees: Zone one will be at 70 degrees, second zone will get to 64 degrees, and the third zone will be 60-62 degrees. What might be the problem? Could one or more of the valves need replacing or could there somehow be air in the system? Also, the water pressure in the house is low but sufficient, could that also affect the heating system? Any help would be appreciated.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      There are a few possibilities:

      The thermostat anticipators or calibration is incorrect.

      An incorrect quantity of radiation is installed in two of the zones.

      The zone valve or some other block is slowing the flow of water in the cooler zones.

      The circulator can not handle the quantity of water when all zones are open and the warm zone is open most of the time.

      There is an air block preventing water flow in the other lines and the zones are being heated by that drifting to the other areas.

      An experienced heating plumber can discover the cause.

      For additional information look in the free lessons at

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