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      I have a new Kohler one piece toilet that flushes fine and seems to refill the tank and bowl ok as well. However, after flushing is done, water in the bowl slowly drops in level…usually 2 to 3 inches but to empty the bowl. I don’t notice any leaks between the toilet and floor. Any ideas what the problem is? Bad contractor or bad toilet??

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      The water level in bowl after flushing should be the level you end up with after all water is drained from the tank with the water turned off. To find this level, first turn off the water supply, then lift and hold the trip lever slightly until all water that will go has seeped out of the tank. Remember “seep” not full flush. Now note where level is in bowl. Next you need to adjust the water diverted into the bowl when tank is being filled so that the predetermined bowl level is reached at or slightly before the time the tank is finished filling (if you divert too much, it’ll just go down the drain and the tank will fill slower). The adjustment screw is the thumbscrew just under the ballcock cap in line with the float rod. The more you tighten the screw, the more water flows into the bowl (and less to the tank). It sounds like you need to tighten the thumbscrew to divert more water to the bowl while the tank is filling. Don’t crank on it too hard–especially if ballcoack isn’t new–if you break it off, you’re looking at a ridiculously expensive repair kit–if you get the Kohler model it retails for almost $100. Having wrestled with these things a few times, I think most people would be better off junking them and buying an inexpensive economy toilet that uses generic parts.
      Good luck………..

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      Occasionaly I run across a toilet with an internal trap leak (there still is no leak at floor). It can drain the trap seal leaving bowl low to empty. Turn off water and fill bowl from alternate source (bucket) let water “settle” note water lever, if after a while level signifigantly lowers you possibly have a trap leak.

      There is another possibilty. Is this toilet properly vented? A vent eliminates the potential syphon of a trap.

      Don’t overlook the suggestions of the first reply to your post either.

      Good luck!

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