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      What a mess! Any litagation going on referencing the use of poly? What about restitution?

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      fourth year

      Where have you been for the last 10 years? There are hundreds of postings regarding poly on the Internet and in this forum and each has all the information you need.

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      Polybutylene is currently the subject of several class action lawsuits. The problem arises from the chemical engineers did not take into account some of the stresses seen in the real world. They could have (and I heard they did) create a better polybutylene product by adding more crosslinking (using neomers or isomers) to the molecular structure, which would also raise the density and molecular mass of the polymer.

      I suggest you contact a lawyer, maybe you can get involved in one of the many class action suits underway. A lot of production scale facilities are involved in this, so I cannot venture a guess as to the identity of the company that produces it.

      I also suggest you not take any legal, chemical (which these are) or a plumbing advice from a fourth year helper.

      The Friendly Chemist
      [Edited by Richard on 11 January 2001]

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      to the friendly chemist; Thank you for your reply. I recently purchased a condo and have had two leaks in less than six months. It wasn’t untill after the fact that I was informed that the buildings had beed plumbed with poly. This was my first experience with this product.Once again, Thank You for your reply. F Hardin

Viewing 3 reply threads
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