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      I have a home under construction and when the plumber filled the lines to about 40 lbs, the air then leaked out over the next 6 – 7 days. This to me, indicates a leak. A friend of mine said that some leakeage is normal and acceptable by code. Should I be concerned?

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      fourth year

      Which lines? Waste, water, or gas?

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      fourth year

      40 psi would be too much for sewer, too little for water, and either too much or too little for gas depending on which line it is.

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      Hey Norm, most authorties frown upon an “air test” unless it is for gas lines.

      For vent and soil and waste a hydrostatic test of 5 PSI or a 10 ft head is suggested

      For water lines a hydrostsatic test pressure if off a city main then the city pressure is used to test the main coming in.

      In side the house we normally give a test of 50% GREATER then the normal expected design pressure.

      An air test can cause a pipe to litterly explode Tell the powers that be GET a copy of the ASME section IV code for Petes sake

Viewing 3 reply threads
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