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      Hi everyone,

      We have just moved into a newly built house. All of our bathrooms from the 2nd floor have this same problem. The drain lines are PVC and the water supply lines are CPVC. The problem is after we use the sinks or flush the toilets, we would hear crackling noises behind the walls and they persisted for about a minute or so and then all are quiet. These noises sounded at first like drip, drip, drip.. but I have looked and found no visible water marks on the ceiling or walls. These noises are driving me nuts. What can we do to find a remedy to this problem? What causes them? I had the plumber that built the house came out to look and he told us that this is normal and the noises are due to temp changes. I have found this to be unacceptable. Can you recommend a solution? I do not know if the builder will be willing to look into this problem, since according to them “it is not like the plumbing is leaky”.
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      Your problem is most likely that either your supply or drainage pipes or both are wedged against some timber e.g floor boards,joist,wall batten.The clicking noise you hear is these pipes expanding and contracting against the timber with the hot and cold water.Unless you have easy access to the pipes it can be very difficult to remedy this problem,without causing a lot of destruction.But if you can live with that then dont be afraid to keep nagging the builder to fix this problem,because the longer you leave it the less likely he is to come back to you.Best of luck.

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      Welcome to the world of Toxic Plastic CRAP. If your builder wanted a Quality QUIET system he/she would have used Quality Cast Iron Above Ground.

      Even the manufacturers of both plastic crap and cast Iron recommend CI for drainage, waste and soil lines.

      The problem with plastic it is like an echo chamber for sounds and most folks who grew up in this country still feel plumbing systems should be QUIET and long, long lasting and most of all safe for the folks who come in contact with piping.

      For domestic water lines IF the pH is within guide lines NOTHING beats copper for health and safety and longevity.

      Personally I would not tolerate a NEW HOME that makes sounds that should never have been allowed to be installed like this.

      I would be calling the builder all night and day long screaming INSULATE or do what ever it takes BUT make it RIGHT.

      This is the reasons I refuse to work for “builders” BUT I do work directly for the building owners who want Quality for the same price it would cost to put toxic plastic in the home.

      I wish you all the luck in the world and turn up the stereo when flushing as there is very little you can do after the fact.

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