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      how can i get paper work on a reliance hot water heater. medel#
      5302srs4. so i can make sure it is hooked up wright.

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      There is nothing unique about a Reliance water heater. They hook up the same as all other storage water heaters. Cold water into the right side, hot water out the left side, electric to the “J” box on top, or gas to the control on the bottom. Why do you think yours is connected wrong?

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      i live in a big house and it is split up into to appartments. I don’t think one of the hot water heaters is conected. if it is not hoocked up how do i make sure i conect it wright. my email is.

      please help thank you. joe killo

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      I live in a big house that is split into to appartments & it has seperate hot water heaters. and i think only one is hooked up. how do i conect the other one up correctly. thank you. my email is.

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      If it is not hooked up, you will want to have a plumber connect it so he can be sure that the ventilation, flue, and gas is large enough for two heaters, and that they are connected to give the maximum hot water to the apartments. If it is hooked up and not giving enough hot water, you need him to do the sames things to see if it is working properly.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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