Tub faucet still leaking after replacing “replacment stems”

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      Justin Highgate

      Help, my tub was leaking a little. replaced the stems with Universal Rundle Milwaukee 14a and now the faucet is leaking (running) more , a steady flow of hot water. Any suggestions?
      For now i have to turn the main water off….help

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      Scott Bryan

      Are the stems you replaced original universal rundle parts? there are a lot of imported repair parts for U/R products and we have had a lot of trouble with them. The number you list 14A is not a U/R number and that makes me think you have imported parts. Universal rundle has closed their faucet division and are offering no parts for any of their products. However there are still some original parts available. Take a look at the Universal rundle parts breakdown on our web site to help with the proper identification and we can see what’s still available.

      Good luck,

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