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      I want to put a toilet in my basement without having to break up the floor. My sanitary sewer runs under the basement floor and my stack leading into it, from the 1st floor, has a 4″ T-connector where I can attach a closet bend. Unfortuately the “T” sits about 8 inches off the floor, so to install a standard toilet I would have to build a platform to raise the toilet up about 15″ or so in order to attach it to the closet bend (that would be a real throne!). I really do not want to use an upflush. Any other ideas would really be appreciated. Thanks!!

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      You can use a floor mounted back outlet toilet which has the opening 5″ above the floor which would only require a 3″ raise. The actual connection to the toilet may require some modifying depending on where it will sit relative to the tee.

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