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      I am writing to inquire about my gas water heater. The pilot lite is lit and the heat control valve is
      now turned up all the way…..We are still not getting enough hot water. It stays hot for about 10-15 minutes and gets cold fast even though the pilot is lit. I am to the understanding that this water heater has recently been recalled and I would like to inquire how I will get this fixed or replaced. I am on Disability and can’t afford
      to go out and get another heater. What can be done. I have provided the following:

      Model # 5 40 NORTO C
      Serial # D95543273

      My understanding is that this was recalled due to deteriorated tubes that send pieces through the pipes and also
      making the hot water not last long.

      Your expeditious response is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

      Douglas Dana
      Disabled Native American Veteran

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      I can feel your pain. I am in the same boat. I started looking into the diptube recall just a few days ago to find the deadline for the recall was 12-31-00. The website I found was http://www.diptubesettlement.com . You might try there for some help. Good Luck.

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