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      I think a bit more info is needed to really answer my initial question (previous post below).1. The tub drains, and the toilet flushes, but having seen sewage back up into my bathtub before the plumber came the first time, I am being very watchful. You see, the symptoms are subtle. If I flush the toilet (without the shower on), I see water move back into my tub drain, but it stays below the grill/trap thing. If the shower is running and the toilet is flushed, water does back up into the tub, but will only go as far as the chrome lip of the drain/edge of porcelain. Though the water appears clear, my position is that I want absolutely no visible (inside house) connection between the two.2. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), I am a RENTER, and have argued with both the plumber and the landlord about this. The landlord says, and I quote, You arent going to be taking a shower and flushing the toilet at the same time! and goes on to insist that the plumber says theres no problem. Its just an old house, they insist.3. I dont want to move (Ive only been in this place a month) so I need to find out if symptoms this subtle violate any basic standards/physics of plumbing, so that I am not wasting my breath with the landlord. Otherwise, I will just have to pay to have any further work done myself.Please advise. Thanks!

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