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      this week we have found white chips of possibly limestone or calcium (test not in yet) coming through water lines – water board says it cannot be through the system because there is a screen on their side of the meter.I have heard of deposits in water heaters but this is through the toilets and cold water lines – enough to reduce flow of cold water.Have taken screens off faucets to clear and get an eighth teaspoon at a time.Any idea what might cause this or what to do about it. There has been on construction anywhere near us and we have had no unusual event to cause a sudden appearance of whatever itis.One toilet seems to be clear now and some other faucets but not all are clear yetWe are in a 90 model doublewide on city water with pvc connection to the meter. We have had plubing work done in the past and even drained the system but have never had anything like this.

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      Well it is calcium deposits and the water board or the extension office have never heard of this much deposit coming loose and restricting the flow of cold water like this.next question is how do we unblock the pipes??

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