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      last week the copper water supply to the water tank sprung a leek. I replaced it. The tank was full of water between the actual tank and the outside. I sucked all the water out, let it dry and turned the breaker back on. Yesterday I thought that air was back in the line but stuck my head in the sand. Today the breaker broke again. Everything appears dry and I see nothing wrong. What could be wrong? Am I in the market for a new tank. This one is about 5 yrs old.

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      Ellen St. Pierre

      Did you shut the power of when you drained the water heater? And then did you fill the water heater back up so no air was left in the tank before turning on the power? Sounds like you have a blown element or thermostat, does it trip the breaker as soon as you reset the breaker or does it take awhile? If it takes awhile is your water very very hot? A normal 4500 watt element will pull about 15 amps if you have a tester you can check that. waiting for reply to help.toby

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