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      Hi all,

      homeowner installing 4 shallow wells here,,,me – in florida.

      Plan is to grow/water the yard grass with one 3/4 or 1-hp centrifugal sprinkler pump.

      Slowly will be adding sprinklers and pipe thru bunches of roots for a partial inground sprinkler system.(lots of trees and darn roots, dont know about them roots and my shovel yet).
      Initially (& right now with city water) sprinkling with ,, hoses and chicker-sprinklers.
      Will use rotor heads in sprinkler system mostly eventually.

      my ‘Question is about the pump….
      I look around and see that most neighbors have little 2-gal (or so) Air Tanks sitting on top of their lawn pumps…

      What’s purpose of this Tank… do I really need one ?


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      It is a combination storage/air tank. Its purpose is to keep your pump from burning out the motor. Without it your pump will turn on and off several times a minute unless your system is large enough to use all the water the pump is producing. Buy a packaged pump system and it will have the pump, tank, and controls already assembled.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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