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      I live in a 2 flat which is about 50 years old. My landlord changed a water heater and afterwards the water flow to the kitchen sink is practically non-existent. He changed out the water faucet blaming accumulated rust debris for clogging the pipes. Despite this, the pressure has not improved. Oddly, the flow to the bathtub is now 2 fold. Now I can take great showers but can’t fill a glass of water without a 10 minute wait. What’s the problem? I fear I may be subjected to water poisoning of some type if I am drinking water from “clogged” pipes. I would appreciate any suggestions since the landlord hasn’t returned in 2 weeks to address the situation! I think he’s avoiding me and a plumbing bill! thanks, tj

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      This may sound simple, but have you removed the aerator on the faucet spout to make sure the screen is not clogged with small particles? Also, are the water shutoff valves for the faucet open all the way?

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      in older homes it is common for the debries in the water piping system to come loose from the pipes when the water is shut off.
      in your case from turning the water off to install the new heater
      this is most common in older homes that have galvinized piping.
      the only practical way to repair this problem is to replace the water piping with a copper or plastic system.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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