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      Out of nowhere, when we got up this morning there was water dripping from the kitchen ceiling. The only water source above is the 2nd floor toilet. I drilled drainage holes in the ceiling, and removed the toilet to check the seal. There was no evidence of water leakage on the exposed floorboards. After a couple hours of having the toilet out, the leak stopped. We had planned on replacing the toilet anyways, so that was done. Groovy! A new toilet, new wax ring, I even cleaned the bathroom! I flushed my new project a few times proudly, then was lucky enough to go out and shovel snow! Upon returning inside I was greeted with the MOST unpleasant sight of more drips from my drainage holes. Still no leakage from the seal. It is not a pressurized water pipe leak, as I banned water use for 8 hours and the meter didn’t move a tick. What are some possible causes?

      The one I have thought of is a rotten drain pipe. If that’s the case, I assume I will have to open up the 1st floor ceiling to inspect/repair, correct? If so, where would be the best place to cut? The leak is not directly below the toilet, but about 2 feet from the interior wet wall. The 1st floor bathroom is directly beneath the 2nd.

      Specs on the house/plumbing: House is about 55 years old, 2nd floor plumbing is a few years younger (45-50 years old). Cast iron flange.

      For what it’s worth: Initially the drips at the ceiling were yellow / brownish in color. After the new toilet was installed the drips were clear.

      There you have it… Any/all help/hints/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. So much for a relaxing New Years weekend. :/


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      Make the cut under the toilet, since the water is probably flowing from there to the low spot in the ceiling where it is dripping. If your plumbing is like most, the repair will have to be done from the top, in the upstairs bathroom after removing a part of the flooring.

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