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      I am looking at removing the old stamped metal tub in my house along with removing the tile surround.

      My question is what do people in here feel would be the best item to replace this tub with. I am looking at either a 2 piece fiberglass surround or possible a cast iron tub.

      Any suggestions would be helpful.

      Thank You

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      Jerry Peck

      To a large extent, your decision depends on what you want and your budgetary constraints.

      Do you want to change to over to a hydromassage tub (spa type tub) while you have the other tub out? Make sure you will be able to run an electrical circuit to it if you do. If so, you’ll want a fiber glass, cultured marble, or acrylic tub. The type depends largely on the manufacturer of the tub you want to by.

      Do you simply want the best, longest lasting tub? If so, then you’ll want a cast iron tub.

      Do you want mid price range? Or cheap price range? If that is your goal, either the stamped metal or the two piece plastic / fiber glass will be your choice. All three types are available in various price ranges.

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      Go Cast Iron forget acrylic

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      fourth year

      For the cost of what you are going to do, do not even consider a steel bathtub. Fiberglass is not much better in the long run.

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      Cast iron or Americast will last a life time.

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