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      Hi, I have a gas hot water unit situatd on the outside wall of the home. The hotwater pipe into my home is also fitted with a tempering valve. My problem is that the water in the heater is very hot, but, the water coming out of all of the taps is cool. I suspect the tempering valve is stuffed but any expert advice would be appresciated.


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      That is about the only thing that could cause your symptoms. You can replace the operating unit if you purchase a new valve of the same make and model.

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      Mike, What kind of tempering valve is it?
      Temperature control valves are meant to cool the hot water from the tank to a desired temperature for use within the home.
      Why is it necessary that you have one? Do you have young children in the home? At what temperature do you set the heater?
      If the temperature control valve is made by Watts, remove it, for it is not suited for your application. Instead keep the heater set at a desired temperature that will not be dangerous to your household, something around 125F.
      Good Luck,
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