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      I am considering a 2hp pump to draw water from a lake for irrigation purposes. The pump has a 1.5-inch emitter pipe, and is rated to produce 2600 gph at 40 psi. If I took this flow and broke it into two separate T’s, which became 4 separate 3/4-inch output pipes, what would the psi and gph be in each 3/4-inch pipe? What would the difference be if I broke it into four 1-inch pipes? What formula could I use to determine this? Also, what formulas could I use to determine friction loss if I extended the 4 output pipes about 300 feet, and what formula would determine pressure loss due to elevation? Thank you for your help.

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      Scotto, you are asking a very extensive question. Your design has alot of variables,ie. pipe type, fitting type, lengths, elevations, pump curves, etc. You need to consult a local professional to help you design what you want. Good luck.

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