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      Popoff valve on reliance 501 hot water heater drips water at times and sometimes pops off. Water pressure is around 50 lbs. Water temperature seems normal. Change pop off valve and still have same affects.

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      “POP” or “SAFETY” means Vapor system like steam or air compressor storage tanks etc.

      Relief normally means liquid like water ASME/NBBI/GAMA/AGA etc.

      Now if it IS popping open then its pressure If it is seeping open its temperature.

      Have you checked the pressure rating of your valve?

      Are you talking boiler Or hot water heater?

      If your talking boiler then Check the following

      1- Expansion tank either type bladder or air tank to make sure its not flooded or ruptured bladder CHECK your gauge pressure

      2- Check your automatic feeder is SET for 12-15 PSI Max

      3- If you have a tankless Coil it could have sprung a pin hole and its causing street pressure to cause your relief valve to discharge

      By reading your gauge you can determine a lot about the going on of a system.

      Do not let this condition to continue better call a Licensed Master plumber to check out this system ASAP

      Have a great holiday

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      This is a home hot water heater. New valve installed as 150psi at 205 f. Seaping is more accurate discription I would say. Thanks>

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      The plumber will likely recommend you have a thermal expasion tank installed to relieve the pressure build-up from heating the water (which expands when heated).

      If there is a problem with the water heater, the plumber will advise you of that also.

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      I am sure someone will point out that a Reliance 501 is not a boiler and it is also not an indirect coil.

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      Is there a check valve on the hot water supply from the water heater? If so remove it.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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