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      I have no hot water going to the washer. I checked the pipes by touch all the way back to the water heater about ten feet. The pipe is hot from the heater about five feet down and then gets cold the rest of the way to the washer. Is it clogged ? Please help. Thank You

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      Jerry Peck

      No hot water or no water at all to the hot at the washer?

      If you have no water at all, the first thing I would check would be the filter screen at the hot water hose connection to the water heater (obviously, turn the hot water valve off before unscrewing the hose). Next, unscrew the hot water hose from the washer and hold it into a bucket, turn the hot water valve back on. If you do not get water (or do not get much water), you may have debris blocking the valve.

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      fourth year

      There is also a screen in the washing machine valve that can be checked for obstructions.

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