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        I’m looking for a good website (or other source of information) to learn about living with polybutylene plumbing. I just made an offer on a house that is entirely plumbed in PB (built in 1986) The home inspection is set for tomorrow, and I wanted to do some research before meeting with my inspector.

        Any advise/info would be most appreciated!

        Dennis (in northern VA)

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        Avatar photoJerry Peck

          Be sure to ask the seller for all information on any leaks they have had, whether poly piping related or not.

          If the seller has had several leaks, you may be able to file a claim for re-plumbing, although the time frame for filing a claim may have expired. Go to this link http://www.polybutylene.com for more information. Also try this link http://www.masterplumbers.com/plumbing/wwwboard/Forum1/HTML/002003.html for more sources of information.

          Be sure that no poly piping is exposed to sunlight as it is not sunlight resistant. This includes exposed poly at the water heater inside the house, especially in garages where sunlight fills the garage when the vehicle door is open. Also on the exterior where the water heater T&P discharge line is exposed.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            It is not guaranteed that you will have a problem with it, but you will be gambling. I just fixed a third leak in a house built in 01/1989. They are just going to get in under the 12 year deadline, although they have until 2002 to file the claim. They did not have any leaks until recently. My experience has been that once the leaks begin, then they continue to occur periodically until it is changed. I would not buy it without some provision for replacement or credit towards the replacement. If it is the PB system with the Monoblock valve manifold, then that is a different system and I have seen few problems with the piping.

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