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      I have two toilets in my house. Ever since I moved in (about a month ago), neither one has worked great. I tried to do some minor repairs myself, but finally called out a plumber. He snaked both bowls and also completely rebuilt the inside of one toilet. The toilets worked adequately for a brief amount of time. But now, they still lack flushing power and clog up frequently (especially one of them). I have tried putting soap in the tank to clean any clogs there and increase water flow, but that doesn’t seem to help.

      Any ideas on what the problem(s) could be? Is the solution new toilets? Could it be some problem down the line from the toilets?

      The house is 22 years old, and I’m not aware of how old the toilets are or what kind of plumbing problems existed before.

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      It could be many things, if the house is that old the toilets cuold be 3 gallon flush and someone could have modified it to flush only 1.6 gallons. without being there I could only guess about other things.If the toilets are old then you might just as well replace them if its not to much for you to spend.
      hope this helps
      have a great day

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      Douglas Boaz1

      Could be that during the installation of the toilets the installer used the wrong size wax gaskets and the expanded into the passageway for the water. Remove the toilets and inspect to see if there is a restriction caused by this or anything else. Happy Holidays.

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      Thanks for the advice. I’ll do some exploring over the holidays.

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      I had the same problem with one of my toilets. I went to the home improvement store and asked to see a toilet that did had major flushing power. The sales lady showed me a $200.00 model which had a flush assist tank in the back. I was skeptical and thought my wife was going to kill me for spending $200.00 on a toilet, so I told the sales lady that if this toilet didn’t flush like a madman that I would promptly return it. To make a long story short, we love it and now have one upstairs where we just got tired of flushing twice. It is a Crane toilet with a sloan flushmate installed in the back. The sloan flushmate is an enclosed tank that pressurizes when water re enters the tank. When you flush it looses all that pressure down the toilet and in milliseconds you have a fresh clean toilet. Be sure to stand back when you flush. It might scare you a little. Also the flush mechanisms have not had to be repaired at all in two years we have had this toilet. We were a little worried about what to do if something broke in the tank. I hope this helps. Sloan flushmat does have a website somewhere. I purchased the unit as a whole at Lowe’s.

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