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      We have a faucet that is dripping. We do not have any paperwork on it. The only name we can find on it is VOLA. No one in our area has every heard of that brand. We can’t figure out how to get it apart and don’t know if there are parts available. I would appreciate any help that is out there. My e-mail address is NOsey@vsi-hq.com.
      Thank you.

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      The VOLA faucet was made by the I.P. Lund Trading Co., and Kronin Inc.. They sued Kohler Co. for patent infringement in 1998, (and won), based on their distinctive design. You may have to do an exhaustive search to find the companies, but if I come across them I will post it.

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      Check this site.

      It may be the one that has your Vola faucet even though it may not use that name. Look at the pictures and if it appears to be what you have, then contact the company for a local distributor of parts.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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