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        I currently own two low-boy toilets and to say that they have a weak flush would be an understatement. A plumber recommended that I purchase a Sloan Flushmate toilet. Any feedback on the Flushmate or a superior product would be greatly appreciated.

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          As A LMP who attended the Sloan lecture on flushmate and as an installer of Sloan products I can only tell you from personal observation the following.

          The “Flushmate” when flushed sounds like a FOG HORN up to a mile away.

          The Video on “how to repair” this thing shows how to make YOUR OWN TOOL to take a part the inner workings.

          This is in my opinion a REAL engineering FIASCO.

          The Sloan Royal is a work of art.

          About the flush mate I would strongly suggest SOMEONE in design GETS A SEVERE BEATING with a Sloan Gem or other Quality Sloan product to knock them senseless.

          I have TWO of these non working horns in my basement that I took out of an Embassy plus several others I had to remove in a luxury home where the Kohler Toilet was not only leaking BUT the woman said she had to wear ear protection when someone in her staff flushed .ALL of these were replaced with SIMPLE FOOL PROOF GRAVITY toilets.

          I would rather use a GREAT Quality Crane 1.6 GPF GRAVITY type of toilet that cost around $59.

          Hey before you buy it LISTEN to one in action.

          I happen to believe Quality plumbing should be seen not heard

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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