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      I just been given a dishwasher hotpoint 7820p, I found that it will not drain and had trouble to fill when I first swicht on.

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      Jerry Peck

      That may be why it was given to you.

      This will likely cost as much to repair as to buy a new inexpensive dishwasher. After you spend $125+ to FIND OUT what is wrong (appliance repair service call), pay for the parts and labor to fix, likely another $100, you will almost be at the low end replacement cost.

      Just something to consider.

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      you might want to check to see if your float is stuck or any food is lodged in the system. If nothing is there than the motor could be going bad. That type dishwasher is relatively inexpensive and the other guy is right it’s not worth fixing it it would be just as much to get a new one

Viewing 2 reply threads
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