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      Hi there,

      Just wondering if you people can answer this question.
      I am doing a project with ABS black piping and I made a grand error with one of the fittings.
      I have glued an elbow to one of these pipes and it is crucial I get it off without cutting it because I need every inch of the length
      What would be the best way to soften the glue or remove the elbow WITHOUT cutting the pipe??

      Any help at all would be much appreciated.
      Thank-you very much
      Bill email: cheetah-55@home.com

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      You’ll have to cut the pipe. When the fitting was glued to the pipe, the glue fuses the fitting and the pipe together. Once the glue is dry , there is no getting them apart. Cut the pipe further back and install a coupling and another stub of pipe to desired length.

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      fourth year

      Depending on how good you glued them, you can try cutting the fitting’s hub right at the end of the pipe, then make a cut through the hub just to the pipe. Then you can sometimes use a sharp screwdriver between the hub and the pipe to separate them. If it starts to separate, then the whole fitting often comes apart. If it takes a piece of the pipe in the process then you will have to cut the pipe off, but you would have had to do that anyway.

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      Jerry Peck

      Do you have enough working room to cut the pipe, add a coupling, new piece of pipe, new fitting?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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