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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Help! My water pipes froze last night. I live in a mobile home and left a faucet trickling over night. We have no water this morning. What do I do to unfreeze them? How do I prevent this from happening in the future?

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          Examine your water lines to see how they are exposed enough to be subject to freezing. Insulation and a heat tape to prevent freezing would help. Less seriously, consider towing the house to a southern climate.

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          Avatar photoRichard

            Simple solution: sell the mobile home. They don’t call them portable ghettoes or tornado magnets for nothing.

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            Avatar photoJerry Peck

              When I read Richard’s response, I expected to see SylvanLMP’s name on it. You’ve done much better than that in the past Richard.

              You might as well say “If you don’t live is a 13,000 sf $5m house, sell it and by something decent.” People live where they do for many reasons. Let’s show some civility to everyone using this forum, to other members and to those asking questions.

              How about providing good answers if possible or asking for additional information if insufficient information was given in the question.

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              Avatar photoJeff

                You may try a hair dryer, then installing heat tape/s to keep the problem from reoccurring. Also make sure your underskirting is in good shape. I would most likely not try a torch. Too much flammable insulation normally.
                Good luck.

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                Avatar photoJeff

                  I forgot one important note on heattape. Do not allow the wires to cross over themslves. This can short it out in time.

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