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      every once in a while I loose all
      water pessure from my well. I shut
      off the power to the well pump for
      a few hours and then when I turn it back on every thing is fine for
      a few months again. on pressue is
      at 35psi and off pressure is 55psi.
      water pressure coming in to tank when running is 70 to 85 psi. Is their a relief valve to stop all
      water from empty out of tank and water lines when pressure goes out or down below the pressure setting to turn on the pump?

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      It depends on what kind of system you have. Ther may be a check in the pumpset upstairs, or there might be a foot valve in the line at the bottom by the well point. If a shallow-well injection line is clearing sediment from a drain-back, that is one possibility.

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