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      My neighbor and I recently both had our water heaters start laeking from the overperss/temp valve. we both replaced the valves..(not knowing each other had the same problem). I then checked the pressure and found about 60 lbs at the faucets….i have a pressure reducer in the house as input pressure is 160 lbs. The water co says they havn’t changed the pressure….I put a gauge on the tank and when it heats up it goes above the 150 lb set pressure and weeps out the drain. I have no pressure tank in the system but it has ben ok since new in 1992 and the heater was replaced 2 years ago…..

      any ideas? what should be the normal house water pressure to the water tank….is 50-60 lbs to high and should I reduce the house pressure?


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      several of my accounts have pressure up to 85 PSI incoming pressure BUT this is not the normal.

      60 PSI is not that high I would how ever strongly suggest you have an expansion tank installed like an TROL to take up for the expansion of the hot water before it ruptures another tank or the piping system

Viewing 1 reply thread
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