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      Please help! I need to remove a dishwasher from it’s location so I can trash it, I’ve turned off the power for that area and then I tried pulling it out, but it’s stuck. There were a few screws in side the washer bolting it to the area, I’ve removed that already. Please help…Thank you.

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      fourth year

      Normally the only screws holding it in place are the two above the door. But if the tile was installed after the dishwasher was in place, that could keep it from coming out. In that case you would have to screw the legs up to give clearance.

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      Jerry Peck

      Just mentioning the obvious: Make sure you turn the water to the diswasher off and then disconnect the water supply line. That will also keep it from being removed.
      Do the same with the electric. You stated you turned the power off (at the breaker I hope), you also need to remove the electrical connection if hardwired as this will also keep it from being removed. If cord and plug connected, unplug the cord and the cord should come out with the dishwasher.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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