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      Live in a large 2 story apartment complex. The building is about 10 to 15 years old. Neighbors upstairs,
      insert a devise that renders me without water, or marked attentuation of water of any significant pressure. The
      maintance people here are perplexed, when the devise is removed normal pressure is resumed. I often hear
      wrenches, plyers and tools inserting this devise. Each unit in this bldg has 2 full bathrooms. Affects entire
      apartment when this devise is inserted. I have heard them say it is illegal. Has anyone heard of such a bizzare
      situation. The water pressure so profound, awakens me, can hear thru out entire apartment. Like Sheds Fountain
      upstairs. often leaking down into my bathroom. Sorry, not much info, hope enough to solve this mystery. Driving me

      Susan Lane
      Sleepless in Michigan

      I am not a plumber, but my Father was, and a commercial mechanical contractor. Sorry to say, has passed on.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      I imagine a hydroponics farm takes a lot of water to fill, so the pressure would drop as the wide open fill kept the water flowing. A hot tub or other large use off the main would drop the pressure while in use. You might need some ceiling reinforcement to hold the extra weight above your head.

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      By most model codes you must have a minimum pressure at each fixture to operate properly.

      If your pressure is this depilated You can call your local plumbing department/board of health and complain.

      There are several precautions we Master plumbers must follow when installing any booster pump so as not to tax the water supply system causing a possible negative pressure like this sounds like.

      Have a licensed plumber Or the building management document this pressure drop THEN you have the ammo to scream like heck

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