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      Recently my hot water seemed much hotter than normal althoug I wasnt’ aware of anyone adjusting the thermostat. the day before yesterday I noticed I seemed to run out of hot water rather quickly.. last night I went to take a shower and there was no hot water, even when I had hot wide open for a while. it has been extremely cold here, and my kitchen pipes were close to freezing, but I put a heater on them and the water runs fine with no leaks.. Are there some trouble shooting steps I can take, or does some one know what my problem might be.. I tried running a little bit of water out of the heater and it was also cold.
      any help would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly mechanical, but know very little about hotwater heaters and plumbing…


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      The: The red reset button on the upper thermostat has shut the energy off to the thermostat because it became to hot.
      Push the red btton in firmly, and reduce the temperature setting on the thermostat(s)a few degrees.
      If it does it again, replace the thermostat(s).

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      Pushing the red button or resetting the cirucuit breaker should give you hot water again, but it will probably be excessively hot also. DO NOT change anything until you test the thermostats and the elements. You probably have a shorted out lower element, but any combination of bad thermostats(2) and/or elements(2) can give your symptoms. If you start changing things without testing them, you can spend a lot of money needlessly.

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