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      I havea electric water heater that is kicking the breaker. The breaker has been replaced. How do I check the thermastate ? Or could it be the elliments. How do I check them ? Thanks

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      The safest way to do this is to call a licensed electrical contractor to find the problem.

      If you want to do this yourself, there is a way, but that would depend on your skills and knowledge.

      I am suggesting the first method first because for the cost of the service call and repair, your risk getting shocked and injured may not be worth it.

      Respond to this message if you want to try it yourself and either myself or some of the other posters can explain it to you.

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      Thanks for your fast reply. I did get a man with a meter and we found out that no electric was getting to the heater. We replaced the breaker again and the water is doing fine. I do not know what is causing the breakers to break but I do have hot water. Thanks again

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      My experience has been that the average electrician has very little comprehension regarding the operation and testing of water heaters or heating systems.

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      You are correct there, but then I have found the same number of plumbers who are qualified to determine why a breaker is tripping or if an electrical circuit is causing a problem.

      I try to have the plumbers take care of the plumbing and the electricians take care of the electrical. Least we wind up with energized interior metal water piping.

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      Check the elements in the heater. make sure they are not split

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      You just need to find smarter plumbers. I have found heaters not working because of faulted power company wires, bad main breakers, bad branch breakers, burnt aluminum wiring, bad thermostats, and/or bad elements. Once I know the cause, I either fix it or call the appropriate place to have it fixed.

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      Thanks fourth year,
      It was a branch breaker.
      Merry Christmas

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