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      Am looking for a tubliner installed at a reasonable price. Got a quote from Bath fitters for $2,000
      for tub and walls. Is this the going rate? Who can I contact in my area?

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      Jerry Peck

      I would think you could replace the tub and re-tile the walls for about the same as installing that tub liner.

      Then you would have a new tub and new walls instead of a cheapo looking (now matter how good something like that is, it will look cheapo compared to doing it right) tub liner.

      Conact a licensed plumber and tile contractor.

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      fourth year

      And with a new tub, you do not run the risk of some day stepping into your tub and feeling like you are walking on a water bed because water has been trapped between the liner and the old tub.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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