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      I have a problem with the water pressure in my kitchen its very low while the pressure in my two bathrooms are good so canyou tell me what you think the problem may be,is it the faucet or something else

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      Lets try the simple approach first

      Remove the aerator and then open the faucet and see it the “pressure” improves.

      If it does clean or replace the screen part.
      ta dummmmm

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      OK i tried that and I FOUND SOME LITTLE white particles coming out of the faucet and the water pressure is still low do you think it may be the hot water heater,because Irecently changed the faucet thinking that was the problem.

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      Now we are getting some place.
      Sounds like your dip tube is giving up the ghost.

      NOW try the following shut off your Hot water heater Open the drain valve to flush it out THEN with the cold water valve leading to this tank OFF hold your finger on the faucet in question and open the now drained HOT WATER side of the faucet THEN open the C/W side and hold your finger over the spout opening and POW your back flushing all Debris and particles to the DRAINING tank.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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