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      I have a 20 foot well
      I have a jet pump in the house which is about two years old.
      I have a water reserve tank
      The pump lost its prime and we are not able to get it to hold prime.
      We thought that the well had gone dry so we waited 24 hours to re-prime the pump. We checked and there is water in the well. As of today there is probably 8 to 10 feet of water in the well. We poured water in the pump and it would not hold prime. We opened the pipe leading to the well and poured water in it to the top and poured more water in the pump and turned it on – still no prime. We had the foot valve replaced last year and pulled it up and it looks clean but my husband has gone to buy a new one. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

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      Nancy: Ifthere is a leak any where in the suction line, the pump will
      have a very difficult time trying to lift water out of your well.
      If the jet is plugged, it will
      not deliver the water thru the venturi and self priming will be impossible.
      The foot valve keeps the water from draining back into the well at the end of the run cycle.
      Get a vacuum gage and put it in the suction line…if it dances wildly, you are sucking air from
      somewhere. If the guage reads a steady 20-25″, and little or no water is produced..something is wrong with the well.

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