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      disposal clogged with potato skins and onion peels.disposal is located in side sink attached to main sink.both the disposal and the sink will not drain properly as well as the dishwasher.should I go ahead and call a plumber or is it something you could tell my husband how to fix(he’s not very handy nor does he have very much patience!)Thank you!

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      Call a plumber, for sure. Then stop putting potatoe skins or other starches into your drain system. They swell up and create clogs.

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      If your handy enough to remove all the pipes under the sink then it’s not a problem. The clog is in the pipes under the sink. It does take some skill to put them back together without a leak, sometimes also for a plumber! Try it, if it doesnt work then call in the plumber.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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