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      Any help is appreciated. I have a brand new heat pump installed in my attic, I live in Maryland, and I wish to install a humidifier.
      I can run water to the attic, no problem (I will tap off of a bathroom sink through an access wall, behind the return duct). I will use hot water for the humidifier (evaporates easier).
      My concern is A) Is there a “BurstProof” water line I could use, I am hesitant to use the cheap Poly lines that come with the humidifiers and am afraid to extend the CPVC lines into the cold attic space(of course I will wrap them).
      And B) I wish to use an evaporative type, but of course there is NOT enough space to mount it on the side of the ductwork. Does somebody make a really small one? I have no bottom access to the duct either, and I am afraid to use Steam Pot types.


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      Harold Kestenholz

      I prefer no to accept your premise. I recommend that you do not install a humidifier in the attic system. The potential for neglect and guaranteed future service requirements make it a potential problem. It is more serviceable to install a humidifier in the living space, either free-standing or built in to the structure in a convenient, accessible spot free from any possibility of overhead leakage.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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