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      My wife left the hose on our hydrant for the barn and now the hydrant is frozen. I tryed to get it unfrozen with a torch but no luck. In the process of doing that the plunger came up but no water. Now does this mean the hydrant is broken or that the water is frozen all the way down in the ground? I don’t want to dig it up as we’re 4 feet down here. Also I need to get this done asap as this is our only water supply for the horses. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      sounds like it is frozen as your FROST PROOF hose bibb may not have the proper lenth for protection in your area

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      The reason it froze was leaving the hose attached. The plunger pulls the water from the hose back into the body of the faucet all the way to your frost line. Using a torch may melt the plunger. You might try a hair dryer and it may take a long time. Good luck.
      As for the other reply, If you had a 10 footer with the hose attached, You would most likely get the same result.

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