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      We replaced the hot water tank in this building, 5 years ago because of leak problems, And now we are experiencing the same problem again.
      The tank is made of stainless steel with 5/16″ thk. It is subjected to a water pressure of 100psi and temp. to a max. of 170 deg.C.There is no lining inside the tank.It holds 800 gal. of H2O.
      I need to know with all this parameters, is the tank we have right now fit to do the job? The leak at present is located next to the weld done during the fabrication.
      Please advise and inform me what do you recommend to fix this problem.
      Thank you.

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      YOUR TANK or the welding on your tank is the wrong material. 5/16 thick 302 0r similar stainless will stand up to 170 deg C water for longer than you will be around to worry about it.
      Welding must be done with a similar material using carefully controlled procedures.
      I suspect that your tank was welded up on a friday afternoon.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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