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      I have cast iron piping going to and from my steam radiators. I have to flush out a lot of brown water from my furnace every few days. I would like to filter the return lines in hope of beating the mud build-up on the inside of the system. Does this make any sense and what kind of filter would I look for?

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      When the water in the boiler turns to steam, it actually becomes distilled; it carries no dirt or rust up to the radiation. The water that comes back contains rust particles from the pipe. Filters present a high resistance to the flow of water, so you would have to pump the return water through the filter to send it to the boiler. This takes a great deal of investment to replace the chore of draining the boiler until the water runs clear and adding water again. IMO it is a lot of investment to install a filter that has not been necessary for steam boilers during the past 100 years.

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      Hey Buddy as a Master plumber and heating Expert I can tell you Forget the filter GET a Solco or other High quality Cast Iron WYE strainer with blow down.

      Like ITT and other companies offer

      Then on the discharge side of this WHY STRAINER install a “Blow down valve” Like a Good Quality Apollo.

      Then you can blow out the particles like WE PROFESSIONAL Stationary Engineers do protecting the equipment from premature failure.

      What the heck does a journeyman know about safe guarding heating equipment ESPECIALLY today as the union helpers are getting out of the programs knowing ONLY basic things like taking coffee breaks and giving erroneous business advice.

      How about the Ditch digger and home center mentality guys who THINK they know something about heating or plumbing or drainage these MUTTS should practice BRAIN SURGERY self taught on themselves

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