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      Hello, 12/6/2000

      I have a Utica model # 400ST in my callar. I am not geting any hot water. The coil was cleaned on 3/17/99. The previous cleaning was on 2/17/93. Since this was only a year and a half since it was cleaned, I have to believe that the outside of the coil is covered with mud.

      Does anybody have any advice for cleaning the outside of the coil or other possibilities?

      Please contact me at Rboncelet@msn.com
      Thank you,
      Roger Boncelet
      732 777 2062

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Tankless coils in some high-hardness areas do clog in a year. The tubing has to be disconnected to clean the tankless coil from the inside, so complete removal after draining the boiler by removing the six or eight nuts is just a step away. In that manner, both the inside and outside can be cleaned along with the inside of the boiler.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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